The city of Ajman acts as a paradise by the coast nestled in the middle of the Emirates. The sun shines brightly as the clear waters lap onto the pale white beaches in a scene of pure beauty. Ajman itself presents an architectural triumph as it seamlessly combines its past and its present to create a metropolis of culture and history that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Though Ajman may be the smallest Emirate by area with only 260 square km of land, approximately 90-95% of the Emirate population inhabit this patch no doubt due to its beauty and charm.

Ajman is an excellent base for travel as it borders Sharjah and is a mere 10km away from Dubai in the South and Umm Al Quwain in the North. Transportation is made easier by the availability of local taxis and the fact that it is near to the ports of neighbouring Emirates along with many international airports in both Sharjah and Dubai. The commute often feels effortless due to the prevalence of roads leading from Ajman to Sharjah, Dubai and Umm al Quwain.

The city provides many opportunities for doctors with its state of the art hospitals that provide  specialist care to patients.

Being a coastal area, Ajman provides a myriad of stunning beaches that are unique to the area. The natural beauty doesn’t stop at the coast, Ajman also has an abundance of public parks including Al Jarf Public Garden and Al Hamediya Public Park. These offer natural greenery that may be interesting to explore or simply relax in.

Ajman Museum

The Ajman Museum is a piece of historical architecture within itself; built in the 16th century, it once acted as a fort for rulers before being transformed into a police station during the 70s. This historical landmark acts as an archive, chronicling local history, giving visitors an insight into the lives of people form long ago through artefacts and images.

Hassa Buweid

Built by the late Shikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi in 1976, this tower shaped fort stands proudly atop a stone hill; the name Hassa Buweid (meaning white stones) references this. This castles purpose was to provide protection but its distinct form is another unmistakeable feature.

The Red Fort

This fort, constructed during the time of Sheikh Humaid bin Abdulaziz Al Nuaimi extends itself over a large are of land. Consisting of four rooms and two towers each contains two additional rooms, the fort is spacious and was only made larger in 1986 when a third floor was built onto the two old towers during a grand restoration. The fort hidden with greenery and trees surrounding all sides of the building, giving the impression that fort is a gem waiting to be rediscovered.

Ajman City Centre

The Ajman City Centre is a large shopping complex boasting many retail outlets, restaurants and dining areas along with luxury and value stores. Containing more than 150 stores and food options, this shopping centre provides shoppers with an unrivalled experience, allowing them to find almost anything they desire.

Overall, Ajman is a wonderful city which can provide individuals with experiences difficult to find elsewhere. Any doctors who receive any offers to this excellent destination should give this opportunity some serious deliberation.