I am pleased to be able to provide a recommendation letter for Regent Personnel. As we recruit 80% of medical practitioners to Wanganui Hospital from outside of New Zealand, permanent, fixed term and locum appointments, we use the services of both New Zealand and offshore based recruitment agencies. Over the past four years that we have had a business relationship with Regent Personnel they have taken the time to ascertain what our recruitment requirements are, they keep in contact on a regular basis, and bearing in mind they are 12 hours behind New Zealand their recruitment agents work late into the evening to be able to make personal contact during New Zealand business hours.

What makes Regent Personnel shine over other agencies is that they make it their business to match ideal candidates to the services we are recruiting to, not only do they promote the vacancy, but also the city of Wanganui and the Whanganui District Health Board. The details of candidates/doctors they refer meet our expectations regarding skills, qualifications and suitability for posts being recruited to. In my opinion Regent Personnel are amongst the most efficient agencies when it comes to processing the regulatory side of a doctor’s appointment, immigration and medical registration documentation for example, and they are always very prompt to follow up on email correspondence.

We are happy to continue to work with Regent Personnel into the future. Their services are both professional and performed to a high standard.

If you would like to contact me for any additional comments please call me on +64 6 348 3250,

+64 27 490 0316 or via email to wayne.thompson@wdhb.org.nz.
Yours sincerely
Wayne Thompson