We made the decision to move to UAE as a family and it has proved to be a fabulous one. Moving overseas for work and bringing your family is a major event and Randa was instrumental in making the process smooth. It can be very fraught dealing with another health care system and the processes can seem convoluted and laborious but at every event Randa was there to help and reassure me that all was in order and to explain the processes.

It has been life changing moving to Abu Dhabi and we have been made to feel very welcome, I am valued in my place of work and out of work we have opportunities that don’t exist in UK and a climate to enjoy them. As a family this has given us more quality time and the balance of good work and happy life is the holy grail.

 Throughout the application Randa was always available even sometimes replying from overseas to ensure all was going well and was a great listening ear to any worries and concerns I had.

I think it is likely that more UK doctors will look to relocate to Middle East over the next few years and would 100% recommend using Regent Personnel. Simon initially arranged my contract avoiding any problems for me and after that Randa worked tirelessly to make it all run smoothly.

Cannot speak highly enough!