I have a pleasure to have known Simon and his company, Regent personnel,  now for almost 5 years. I approached him (and his company through a word of mouth) because I wanted a change in my direction of life and work. Once I spoke to him, I knew instantly that all my problems have been put in one basket and they are going to take care of them and they did. The result was that I have ended up with the best job ever.

I liked their authentic, kind and yet extremely efficient way of working.  In all this time it has never been a moment where he and his company has not excelled in their work and delivery. They are never too pushy and never too slow. I loved their way of working as they make sure that they get to know you and then start looking for a place for you which has been the best thing for me and it saved me a lot of time and energy. I found my experience with this company very enjoyable as they had all the attributes of a perfect company including,  ability, availability, accessibility, affability and acceptability.

I would highly recommend Regent Personnel to people who need a better change.

Dr Samina M Dornan MD FRCOG